Star Time (1992)

A truly peculiar early 90s drone trip that unfurls with both jagged simplicity and abstract unpredictability. Star Time appears to be a serial killer movie, and it is that, but it’s also a strange satire on television consumer culture featuring a baby-faced suicidal teen being told to partake in a murderous rampage. The message may have dated, but its visual fetishisation of fuzzy screens and glossy American ads still has impact.

The vacuous LA art-deco location work recalls Antonioni and the way it operates mostly on the plane of nightmare logic brings to mind our Lord and Savior David Lynch. As a genre piece it feels absolutely futurist, though pinned to its 90s release in technology and other signifiers only. The crisp cinematography is beautiful and that whacked-out, jazz fusion theme song kicks too. Famously difficult actor Paul Ryan (from It’s Alive and Bound) also shows up for genre-heads in need of a familiar face. The film he’s starring in though is decidedly unfamiliar. Thanks to Star Time, you’ll start to see a white t-shirt as an iconic serial killer accessory. Pick up the excellent Vinegar Syndrome blu for the wonderful presentation and extras.

Watched on Vinegar Syndrome blu-ray.

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