Mosaic (2018)

For Soderbergh nuts like myself I suppose the main thrill of Mosaic (which I saw in its episodic version and not through the intended app) is seeing how he stages, blocks and edits scenes to fit the hectic shooting schedule. Yes it’s also fun to see him tackle a big old chunk of neo-noir written by Ed Solomon but thats secondary to the aesthetics. Soderbergh is a problem solver and I always get a kick of breaking his work down to understand the approach. This is full of lovely fluid masters, in-your-face close-ups and streaks of natural lighting struck with a digital sword. It’s all heightened by a wonderful ensemble cast too, even if the convoluted nature of the plot does falter a bit in the final stretch. Sharon Stone is extraordinary, totally rising to the occasion of being gifted her best role in years and when she’s gone from the picture she’s heavily missed. But her absence frees Soderbergh up to become the star, not that he does anything but attempt to service the story and actors first and foremost. Devin Ratray is also becoming one of my favourite characters around right now.

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