Death Wish (1974)

As ugly and brutish as I had heard. Full of self-importance and humourless violence. Winner leans into the vigilante stuff with such pig-headed conviction that you rightfully suspect him of endorsing it. Bronson is solid though, merely along for the ride and clearly not giving much thought to the deeper implications of his character’s actions. Anyone else find it odd that Kersey just decides to wipe out all crime instead of actually going after the assholes responsible for the attack on his wife and daughter? The word overkill certainly springs to mind. The filmmaking is so pointed and heavy handed and the sexual violence unnecessarily grotesque that the film actually becomes somewhat of a visceral experience by provoking an actual reaction out of the viewer in its extremities, which I suppose is the main reason for this film’s legacy. Puzzlingly, Herbie Hancock did the score, adding another highlight to the proceedings.

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