The Good Dinosaur (2015)


Not quite on board with the negative reaction this one got. Quite a pleasurable watch with a surrealistic blend of animation. I know many didn’t get along with the disconnect between the hyper-real backgrounds and hyper-unreal dinosaurs but I kinda dug it. A much crueler film than I expected too. Did Lars von Trier write an early draft of this? That poor dino sure gets put through the wringer. Definitely feels like mid-tier Pixar with formulaic plot beats but I’d definitely tip it closer to the good end of the spectrum. The Good Dinosaur isn’t trying to be an all time classic as much as it’s trying to tell a simple little story. I appreciate that simplicity. Kind of embarrassed to admit I found the viewing experience much more enjoyable than Inside Out. There’s even a 60s drug-trip sequence. Watch and learn kiddies!

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