Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)


Nicholas Meyer returns to save the Star Trek franchise for the second time. After the depressingly generic Final Frontier I found The Undiscovered Country to be a thrilling return to form. This one shares heady themes and Shakespearean overtones with The Wrath of Khan and lacks the lighter touch of the previous two installments. Yet again the question of age comes into play (remember four movies ago when Kirk and Bones were talking about being old? Yeah nearly a decade has elapsed since then…) but Shatner avoids letting Kirk be a parody of himself. All in all this is just a great yarn with swiss-watch plotting. The Trek films always seem to work best when they are treated like extended episodes and unfold in a contained period of time. Meyer understands this and he ensures the original generation go out on a real high. As corny as it is, that Peter Pan quote at the end beamed a lump right into my throat. Loved it.

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