Hitch-Hike (1977)


What happens when you put Krug Stillo, the original Django and a Bond girl in a car together? Hitch Hike that’s what! This barmy thriller has all the trappings of any 70s grindhouse movie but the nutball performances are lots of fun. The interplay between Hess and Nero never gets old, both are bastards to varying degrees and a pre-Moonraker Corinne Clery certainly holds her own as the scantily clad female stuck between them. She’s never looked at by Nero and Hess as much more than a piece of ass that needs conquering but the movie treats her with a bit (like a teaspoon) more respect. I enjoyed the way she played the two assholes against each other and really, this is her story of survival not theirs. There’s also a semi-iconic moment where Clery emerges from a caravan fully naked wielding a rifle. It’s hella gratuitous but I’ll be damned if I didn’t see it as a celebration of badass womanhood. Hitch Hike would make a great double feature with Mario Bava’s Rabid Dogs. Both are car-bound pressure cooker thrillers with lots of rug-pulls. This is undoubtedly the lesser movie but there’s enough going on for it to stick in the brain like a gutterball. Morricone did the score too. So there’s that.

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