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The Game (1997)

The one Fincher flick everyone agrees is underrated, right? Every time I return to The Game I’m struck by the level of craft Fincher applies to an otherwise dopey idea. It’s not hard to imagine the various, sensational ways this … Continue reading

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Payback: Straight Up (2006)

The original Payback was one of my most beloved VHS tapes in my pre-teen days and I always remember it fondly. Mel Gibson was my favourite movie star for a long time and even now I find most of his pre-controversy performances … Continue reading

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Sexually Driven: David Cronenberg’s Crash (1996)

Crash turns twenty years old this year. Even today David Cronenberg’s controversial adaptation of JG Ballard’s equally controversial novel feels like an earth-shattering breakthrough in depicting sex in movies. Sex can be weird, kinky, scary, confusing, touching, hilarious, experimental, awkward, … Continue reading

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