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Death Wish 3 (1985)

By jettisoning the cruel streak that plagued the first two movies and instilling it with a heavy dosage of Cannon Films bombast, the Death Wish series finally delivers a flat-out good time with Death Wish 3. This is easily the funniest one so … Continue reading

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Brazil (1985)

Legitimately one of the most comprehensively realised filmmaking visions ever committed to celluloid, Brazil is a movie stacked with aesthetic bric-a-brac and glued together by madcap paranoia. Surely Gilliam’s crowning achievement and the greatest display of his talents. Here he … Continue reading

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Weird Science (1985)

Well, it’s definitely Hughes’ weirdest movie. A few things: – This is the last time Anthony Michael Hall looked anything like Anthony Michael Hall. – I totally forgot about the explicit references to The Hills Have Eyes and The Road … Continue reading

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