Weird Science (1985)


Well, it’s definitely Hughes’ weirdest movie. A few things:
– This is the last time Anthony Michael Hall looked anything like Anthony Michael Hall.
– I totally forgot about the explicit references to The Hills Have Eyes and The Road Warrior. Michael Berryman from Hills and some dude from Road Warrior practically reprise their roles here. Nutty.
– Is Kelly LeBrock Gillian Jacobs’ mother or something? Damn they look alike.
– Bill Paxton as Chet, man. RIP Bill 😦 😦 😦
– Let’s cherish this brief moment in time when Robert Downey Jr. could believably play second fiddle to Robert Rusler.
– I can see the artistic appeal of a movie like this to someone like John Hughes. After the angsty chamber piece The Breakfast Club (he apparently wrote this on evenings while shooting that movie) he clearly just wanted to let the fuck loose.
– It makes you wonder how varied John Hughes’ career would be if he made every single script he wrote. It’s probably for the best that he didn’t as he ultimately had a pretty strong batting average, but films as batty as this rarely come from a filmmaker as unexpected.
– While it often indulges in many of the worst tendencies of 80s teen cinema and sex comedies the whole thing is pretty tame and harmless.
– That being said, it’s still pretty dumb. Watching it with non-teenage eyes means a lot of the charm and innocence is lost.
– Title song is my jam. Oingo Boingo for life.

Watched on blu-ray.

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