The Lion King (2019)

This was truly one of the most uncanny viewing experiences I’ve had this year. I watched a film I’ve never seen before, yet already knew like the back of my hand. Everything unfolded as knew it would, except the whole thing looked and sounded different; re-designed, re-voiced and re-animated. Sounds unpleasant but this constant feeling of seeing a film for the first time and the hundredth time was unique and oddly thrilling? I must have watched the whole thing crosseyed. Sure we’ve seen movies remade and re-released in digitally-tinkered forms, but never like this. It’s a benchmark which has understandably sent many into a frenzy about the IP-recycling state of cinema today and while ethically and creatively I am totally against this type of thing the fact is: it exists and it can’t help but be fascinating. The Psycho (1998) of our times, just on a billion dollar level and even more subliminally perverted. Also my dog watched the whole thing completely enraptured from beginning to end, meaning even she isn’t immune to the power of our Disney overlords.

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