Satanic Panic (2019)

Satanic Panic feels like a comic book, and everyone is clearly having fun frolicking in all that blood and pitching their performances to a level you can only really get away with in a movie like this. I was initially a bit hesitant to get on its self-aware, ironically funny wavelength but I was eventually won over. The frantic, giddy pacing and total love for the genre can’t help but be infectious. It has that artificial lighting that plagues so many low-budget, digitally-shot movies and all of the costumes, props and set-design elements look fresh out of the box but that’s just cosmetic nit-picking really, and to be expected. Hayley Griffith, the film’s lead, is a terrific find and the camera absolutely loves her. A movie primed and executed for the pages of Fangoria and it certainly lives up to the brand. Might come back to this one.

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