An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn (2018)

It’s definitely fun to see Jim “Greasy Strangler” Hosking graduate into a bigger budget tier, allowing him to cast a roster of impressive top-level Hollywood comedy players while still retaining his distinctive brand of cinematic what-the-fuckery. The relentlessly forced weirdness doesn’t always work for me – sometimes it’s downright painful to get through, akin to a film applying a John Waters instagram filter rather than conjuring the real thing, too slick, too manufactured – but I admire filmmakers this dedicated to their own bizzaro muse, laughing in the face of bad taste and better judgment in order to generate humour only they might find funny. Everyone in Beverly Luff Linn is so willing to go wherever the film takes them, even if it’s completely off the deep end, and that’s always thrilling to see.

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