Widows (2018)

McQueen had me from the first frame. Seen a lot of people wishing this was more fun – which I get – but in what world was this ever going to be Steve McQueen’s Ocean’s 8? It’s based on an 80s BBC drama for crying out loud. I came for the stoic faces, formal control and awesome cast, wasn’t really expecting a good time but it does pulsate with a steady, white-knuckle fatality that I found extremely gripping.

As to be expected with McQueen, the instances where it engages with race and politics head-on can be a little shaky – the cop scene is too much, the extended take mounted on the car exterior is stellar overt symbolism – but the fact it’s willing to engage with these topics at all is admirable. I like that this feels more like a blunt instrument than a scatter gun. It’s tough, but the women headlining the cast – Davis, Debecki, Rodriguez, Erivo – command the screen. Matt Lynch compared this to the work of Jack Hill and that’s right on the money. Easily my favourite McQueen since Hunger.

Watched at the cinema.

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