Set It Up (2018)

A delightfully old-school rom-com amplified by its quartet of charming and attractive leads and knowing screenplay. The fact it feels so bright and sitcommy keeps reminding you this was made for Netflix and not a proper big screen, but the film’s timeless outlook and thoroughly likeable tone means it is probably best soaked in while curled up on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon.

It takes more than a page out of the screwball playbook, with the characters in the film becoming quasi-filmmakers themselves as they attempt to orchestrate a romance between their respective bosses. Their entire understanding of love and happiness is apparently dictated by movies, at one point declaring “We need a meet cute!” It gives the film a self-aware tinge, but it also works as a double wink to the audience as the same characters are seemingly unaware that they too are in the throws of a perfect screwball romance set-up. Let’s not forget, this is a film called Set It Up.

Among the many funny bits of business, a highlight is a gag where the two drunk leads attempt the simple task of getting a pizza into an apartment which then turns into an extended farce tinged with the budding romance sparking between them. It’s a lovely little scene that lets both actors sell some physical comedy whilst also playing up the chemistry they share. This isn’t so much a “will they/won’t they” as a “when will they”. It isn’t going to change the world, but it will certainly warm a heart or two for the better part of two hours.

Watched on Netflix.

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