Slice (2018)

Slice attempts to draw a high-concept universe that never really comes together. It feels indebted to EC comics as much as it does 80s horror-comedies like Ghostbusters which it cribs from freely. Weirdly though, it has a very cheap aesthetic with make-up effects and production design closer to those found on a haunted house ride in a rusty fairground than, say, Rick Baker or Rob Botin. It’s a rubber world, stretchy and plastic, where actors play “characters” who are there to be colourful and fun but end up lacking personality and gravitas in the process. There’s nothing to latch onto here, it’s all artifice and flat gags, the kind of thing that might work in a five minute music video but at 80 minutes with plot, feels off. All of these choices are intentional though, so it’s not exactly a failure, it just doesn’t work, though you can see what the film is trying to be at every turn. A haphazard comic-strip of a film which sadly gets lost in its own uncanny valley.

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