Seeding of a Ghost (1983)


“Your wife’s spirit will now have sex with him. Let’s stay away.”

Another batshit Shaw Bros experience. Where to start? Well, for the first hour or so this is pretty much business as usual; ghosts, curses, adultery, colourfully back-lit mist and outbursts of sex, violence and sexual violence. There’s also repeated use of a cue from Bernard Herrmann’s Taxi Driverscore which totally baffled me the first few times I heard it then I finally remembered that the main character of Seeding of a Ghost is also a taxi driver and I laughed, seeing the incredibly obvious logic behind the filmmaker’s thought process.

The film freely blurs the line between the real and the imaginary too making the plot (as with most of this type) tricky to get a hold of but the nutball atmosphere guides you through. Gloriously, this is the kind of inclusive genre movie that allows a slimy rotting rubber corpse to practically be a co-star (fans of Nekromantik will enjoy this) and the ever-increasing excess and silliness is exactly what you sign up for with this type of flick. A dude gets a big plastic match rammed up his ass at one point too.

Now all that sounds well and good right? But to quote Michael Keaton’s Batman, when Seeding of a Ghost gets nuts, it gets nuts. The final act becomes an all-out blood bath merging Cronenberg, Carpenter’s The Thing, Frank Henenlotter-grade effects and Evil Dead-esque gunplay as a tentacled monster bursts out of a woman’s stomach, burns off a doctor’s face (who survives to the very end might I add) and transforms a mellow evening party into a balls-to-the-wall freak-out. It. Is. Awesome. Worth the price of admission alone. A terrific final shot too. Let me tell you, this is gona get some serious replay value.

Watched on 88 films blu-ray.

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