Dr. Phibes Rises Again (1972)


Nowhere near as satisfying as the first Dr. Phibes. It basically suffers from the frequent sequel problem of “same formula, same ingredients, minimal variation”. Still, I appreciate the continuity in cast and director and the production design is even bigger and better than that of the first. Fuest really knew how to squeeze every penny out of the screen and you’d never expect a film as moderately budgeted as this to feature huge Egyptian sets of pyramids and gigantic pharaoh feet but there they are. The kill sequences are fun too but without the “plague” gimmick that tied the first film’s carnage together beautifully, it all feels a bit more random and slapdash. An enjoyable second spin of the Phibes merry go round but just lacks the spark that made the first one such a lark. Nevertheless, I’m still sad we never got Phibes Resurrectus. With a title that good who cares how the actual film would’ve turned out.

Watched on Arrow Video blu-ray.

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