The Mutilator (1984)


If you watch the extensive special features accompanying Arrow video’s recent release of The Mutilator, one thing is clear: Buddy Cooper seems like a really, really nice guy. This film is the result of him fulfilling a lifelong dream to make a movie and while it’s not much to write home about, as a simple 80s slasher flick there is plenty of fun to be had, some of it intentional some not. The effects by Videodrome and Evil Dead II almuni Mark Shostrom are impressive though nowhere near as innovative and memorable as the gore in those other two films. The endless re-purposing of fishing gear as kill-toy is a delight though. The set-up and plot developments are as predictable as they come yet it never outstays its 80 minute run time.

The actors (30 somethings playing teens, ah god bless the 80s) are all serviceable and have a certain likability that evades many other slasher ensembles. I enjoyed the story of how the film was made more than the actual film but the behind-the-scenes tales made me appreciate it much more than I would without them. It’s worth picking up the new blu-ray release just for the impressive supplements Arrow put together. Also this movie has a theme song and it’s pretty fucking great.

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