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Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

I suppose the biggest compliment I can lay on a lot of these recent Marvel movies is that by the time the home video release comes around, I find myself giddily anticipating a rewatch. My eagerness to take Thor: Ragnarokfor … Continue reading

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The Character Study: Kenneth Lonergan’s Margaret (2011)

At one point in Margaret, a character screams in another character’s face: “We are not supporting characters in the fascinating story of your life!” In a film so densely populated, not just with characters, but with ideas, themes, tones and … Continue reading

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Spotlight (2015)

Much has already been written about how un-cinematic Spotlight‘s direction is and I agree 100%. Comparisons to All the President’s Men are appropriate as far as subject matter goes but in terms of execution the two really couldn’t be further … Continue reading

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