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Night Moves (1975)

“I think people are shitty and you’re okay” A wonderfully grizzled PI dirge from the heart of the 70s, Night Moves is my favourite Arthur Penn I’ve seen so far. It’s a movie in which Gene Hackman seems to embody every damn … Continue reading

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John Carpenter’s Vampires (1998)

While often lumped in with John Carpenter’s late-career slew of misfires, Vampires actually gets a lot of things right. It’s fun to see him finally indulge in the explicit Western iconography and tropes he had flirted with for his entire … Continue reading

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Infinity and Beyond – Contact (1997)

I literally just finished watching Contact a few hours ago but it has immediately struck a chord with me. Robert Zemeckis’ science-fiction epic also boasts one of the most cinematic opening sequences I’ve ever seen. Beginning in space with an explosion of overlapping … Continue reading

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