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Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

This rewatch has been a long time coming. Zero Dark Thirty is one of those movies that is so dense with information that it’s difficult to penetrate and engage with, especially on first viewing. It’s a slow-burning procedural which spans a decade, … Continue reading

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The Master (2012)

“You can’t take this life straight can you?” This time around (my fifth? sixth?) I really latched onto the movie as a rumination on performance and specifically its contrasting of acting styles. Phoenix represents the angry, visceral, tormented style birthed in … Continue reading

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All the Light in the Sky (2012)

This greatly benefits from Swanberg turning his lens on older, more seasoned actors. Jane Adams is deservedly front and centre and the film feels like her property. Like Adams, her character is a mature character actress trying to navigate a … Continue reading

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The Lords of Salem (2012)

The Lords of Salem feels like Rob Zombie’s gift to his wife, Sheri-Moon. While she has appeared, gloriously, in all his movies, this is the first that is anchored on one of her performances. He also taps into a different … Continue reading

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Hotel Punch Up – Haywire (2012)

Haywire is another typical, unexpected gem from Steven Soderbergh. It’s a fast, stylish almost throwaway exercise in genre filmmaking which is what makes it so fun. Unashamedly a vanity project originated by the director to transform real-life mixed martial artist … Continue reading

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