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Combat Shock (1986)

This grimy mutant lovechild of Taxi Driver and Eraserhead is undoubtedly one of the skuzziest movies I’ve ever sat through. Buddy Gionvinazzo’s Combat Shock (or American Nightmares to give it its original title, and the title that appeared on the Director’s Cut I watched) is sometimes just content … Continue reading

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Something Wild (1986)

Every time I rewatch this it jumps up like twenty places in my favourite movies of all time. The transition of tones is utterly jaw-dropping. A film so full of character, ennui, optimism, spontaneity, sadness and sheer life. If my … Continue reading

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Manhunter (1986)

Peak 80s Mann. All those surfaces and neon backlights. Mmmm. It’s fun to contrast this with Brett Ratner’s pointless redo Red Dragon (a film I actually enjoy for what it is and have seen a handful of times). Where that … Continue reading

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