The Dark Half (1993)

Romero clearly loves King’s sensibility as this goes a long way to retain the spirit of the source novel, despite being a totally batty idea to visualise on-screen. Timothy Hutton makes a meal our of the dual roles with Romero encouraging him to go as big as possible when playing the psychotic George Stark. I’m a sucker for both creative forces this is indebted to so even though this really only succeeds as a pretty good King adap and solid Romero-goes-Orion effort, it’s a reliable display of their individual charms.

This also has that 90s mid-budget, supernatural studio thriller flavour that was a big part of my formative years a movie-obsessed kid. I could have just as easily plucked a VHS of this off the shelves in the video shop in my pre-teen years and it would have soaked into my DNA. Not because it’s particularly revelatory, but because I would have watched it to death. The kind of movie that really takes me back.

Watched on Eureka blu-ray

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