Sorority House Massacre (1986)

I always get this mixed up with Slumber Party Massacre, a film I’ve seen, so I thought I’d confuse myself further by finally watching this one too. Turns out a massacre of the Sorority House kind is a little less interesting than the Slumber Party incarnation. This is a hollow and tinny little genre film, not much in the way of revelatory shocks or narrative (obviously) but there’s a few positives worth shouting out.

It’s clear this was directed from a woman’s eye. The obligatory gratuitous “girls get naked” sequence doesn’t spend all of its screen-time on showcasing jiggling appendages, instead director Carol Frank transforms the scene into a light-hearted pop video – albeit of the softcore variety – about sorority girls trying on a bunch of outfits. Cute!

Considering it clocks in at a very slight 76 minutes, the way this drip-feeds a thin backstory via psychotronic dream sequences is an odd choice but not unwelcome but it does make the build-up a bit of a chore. Thankfully once the madness kicks in, there are some striking images that pierce through. I remember a knife in a fireplace, and also a couple randomly having sex in a tipi in the garden which soon doubles up as a pretty inspired backdrop for a savage murder. Beyond that, a lot of Sorority House Massacre is already slipping from my memory, which isn’t surprising considering a lot of its sparse content is barely there already. Might give this another go one day.

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