Trapped Alive (1988)

One of those 80’s slasher Frankensteins which feels like a montage of scenes from other movies, just re-cast and re-shot for a quick VHS payout. Still, there’s enough disjointed what-the-fuckery to make it a worthy film of its kind, now complete with the Arrow Video stamp of approval no less. The softcore adultery subplot is as random as it sounds and the mine setting, lit and presented as an impressive display of set-design efforts and not a believable, actual mine, has its charms. The fact Trapped Alive finds an excuse for every actress, two of which are trapped in a fucking mine with rapey escaped convicts and and a cave-dwelling cannibal, to strip down to their underwear is, if nothing else, an admirable commitment to genre requirements, not to mention a hilarious narrative contrivance.

Watched on Arrow blu-ray

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