Body Double (1984)

With every rewatch (and there have been many) Body Double inches closer and closer to being my favourite De Palma movie. Maybe it’s because this is very much a Greatest Hits collection, combining and elaborating on all of De Palma’s obsessions, desires, visual motifs and set-pieces up to this point and displaying them as gorgeous, lurid splash pages in a porno-snuff magazine. The cinematography is so slick, capturing an art-deco-rendered 80s LA as both sun-bleached city of plastic dreams and nocturnally black netherworld of nightmares and debauchery. No amount of hammy acting can take away from De Palma’s A-grade craft and note-perfect B-movie satire. This deranged vision of genre-bled Hollywood horror that also finds time for a porn-flick rendition of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “Relax” – presented as a music video no less – might just be my cinematic ideal.

Watched on Indicator blu-ray

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