Terrified (2018)

The way this overlays a multitude of spooky stories and ideas together like weaving a tapestry is a clever way of tackling the horror anthology format. Where traditionally structured examples – one short followed by another – can soon feel tiresome due to the uneven nature of the stories, or just plain exhausting as a result of seeing a handful of narratives piled on top of one another, Terrified keeps you engaged by slowly developing all the threads in unison. There’s also some truly unsettling horror ideas and imagery at play here, so much so that for the first 40 minutes I was sure I was watching one of the best horror movies of the decade. Unfortunately it fizzles out soon after, becomes yet another “paranormal experts dealing with phenomena in spooky houses” movie. It doesn’t kill the film by any means, it just becomes routine and familiar in ways the first half is not.

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