The Mighty Peking Man (1977)

Somebody just hook these Shaw bros. movies up to my veins like an IV drip. Mighty Peking Man is man-in-rubber-suit nirvana. Blatantly pillaging plot and set-pieces from King KongTarazanGodzilla and any other lucrative property that made money in the West, the film still feels unmistakably Eastern with its loopy chopsocky action and helter-skelter plotting, so preposterous it’s hard to actually stay sane while it all unfolds.

The low-fi filmmaking is endlessly charming too, utilising everything from miniatures and rear-projection to wirework and firework-like squibs and explosions. This is like a kid’s toy-box suddenly electrified into action by a lightning bolt of genre life-force. By the end, the entire film practically explodes from all the lunacy and excitement. A knockabout riot!

Watched on Amazon Prime.

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