Predator 2 (1990)

A lurid buffet of scraps and bad habits left over from the 80s jacked up and saturated like a crazy Frank Miller splash page. The cast makes it feel like Predator 2 unfolds in some kind of Richard Donner/James Cameron shared universe but everyone is so cranked up and gun wild that it never ceases to be gleefully entertaining. It pillages very little from the original Predator beyond the title character and all the visual motifs that come with it, instead preferring to inject a whole lot of RoboCop near-future/media-frenzy chaos, as well as an outpouring of grisly violence and uh extremely questionable racial stereotyping. It’s a real horror show, with no shortage of striking urban gothic images and bold brush strokes, but it’s also very dumb.

Luckily, the central idea of the predator in a city is so strong that it carries the whole thing through to the finish line and the roster of reliable character actors more than keep it afloat. I remember seeing this as a kid on VHS and just thinking “this shit is the best!” I don’t have that same enthusiasm for it now, but the fact I’m still returning to it with fondness counts for something.

Watched on blu-ray.

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