The Craft (1996)

This movie is so 90s that Fairuza Balk isn’t even the most 90s thing about it. I love how it leans heavily into all that novelty shop wicca imagery with candles, pentagrams and the whole shebang. It was made at a time when that kind of obvious iconography wasn’t beneath the filmmakers. Nowadays The Craft would be all updated to be gritty and techno-heavy and angsty. This is all the better for being made when it was. All the leads are terrific, nobody steps on anybody’s toes and they all compliment one another wonderfully. At its heart this is a potent rally cry for all young girls who feel out of place, weird or misunderstood. It’s a film for all outsiders and a piece of dark escapism they can really grab onto. It doesn’t sugar coat anything and gets tough when it needs to as well as being wholly entertaining. There’s even an Old Lady Peace cover of “Tomorrow Never Knows”.

Watched on blu-ray.

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