Julie & Julia (2009)

Sorry but Meryl Streep is great in this. Despite my early hesitance, I thought the traintracking of both stories worked very well too even if it set me up for a false ending. I assumed it was building to a point where the two women would eventually meet and initially wished the film had contrived a way for this to happen, true story be damned. Then I realised that wasn’t the point of this story and retroactively appreciated the movie a little bit more. I still feel like Ephron needed something, if just a shot of the two in the same space together at the end, to fulfil that need of seeing their stories culminate together. Overall I really liked the light touch of this. It feels like baking, doughy and warm. It’s also surprisingly not that interested in The Art of Cooking with very little actual food porn. It’s fine!

Watched on blu-ray.

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