Sing Street (2016)


A delightful speaker-blast of kitchen-sink escapism which further proves John Carney to be the modern master of the movie musical. Sing Street makes you feel good, it makes you tap your feet; it’s a vision of Irish streets in the 80s and a document of the music playing in bedrooms by someone who was clearly there, watching and listening. I wasn’t, but the observations are so acute that you don’t doubt their authenticity, even if they’re no doubt rounded off and tinted with a nostalgic slant. The young cast are wonderful, believably selling their musical chops – amateur and otherwise – making this the closest sibling to School of RockI’ve seen since that film came out fourteen years ago. The film’s musical centrepiece, a fantasised, 80s music-video rendition of a school disco, is one of the most unashamedly feel-good feats of mainstream filmmaking I’ve seen in a while. The kind of film you can pass on like a mixtape with a hand-written tracklisting.

Watched on Netflix.

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