Blood Harvest (1987)


A generally bland slasher curio made all the more curious thanks to the heavy presence of Tiny Tim in the cast. The film makes good use of its contained locations, to the point where it feels like a narrative decision and not just a budgetary cut-back (which I have no doubt it was). I like horror movies that unfold in more rural backdrops, featuring farmhouses and, yknow, grass and this nicely plants itself in good company as a result (Axe and Luther the Geek, both of which I saw recently, spring to mind). Thankfully they get their money’s worth out of Tiny Tim as he even performs a handful of songs in the movie as well as supplying the theme song. The skeezy clown make-up is the greasepaint icing on the cake. Oh, and in this week’s instalment of “Spot the actor who probably scrubbed this off their filmography once they became legitimate”, a young a Peter Krause shows up in a minor role that will perk up any Six Feet Under fans who find themselves nodding off.

Watched on 88 films blu-ray.

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