Enemy (2013)


This movie looks like it has kidney failure but damn does that piss-yellow and sharpie-black colour scheme work for me. Enemy is one of the more effective exercises in nightmare storytelling from recent years that is at its best when Villenueve is working with individual images to create unease. The large spider crawling over a discoloured metropolis, for instance, or the contrast of powerlines against glass buildings, blowing trees with concrete that create a sense of an oppressive cocoon around everything. I love all the unexplained tangents that may be dreams or a glimpse into forbidden reality. Not to mention the combination of psychological horror with the sticky and the sexual. One man’s guilt over his infidelity rendered as abstract cinematic torment. Yuck.

Something about this film just really gets under my skin. So much so that I’ve barely forgotten a frame since first seeing it four yeas ago. Very troubling. I guess to call the film Kafkaesque would be unimaginative but it warrants the comparison. It taps into some truly primal fears which build towards that shit-in-your-pants, don’t-sleep-for-a-week ending. Here’s hoping Villenueve hasn’t completely abandoned this sort of minor-key, compact exercise in mood and unease. Fucking spiders, man.

Watched on blu-ray.

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