Django Unchained (2012)

That wobbly and kinda unnecessary last (fifth?) act keeps this from being a total slam-dunk for me. Kerry Washington’s Broomhilda is disappointingly under-developed too, making this the only QT movie with a relatively lifeless and undistinguished female lead (Reservoir Dogs excluded ofcourse). The excised flashback sequence that fills out Broomhilda’s backstory from Tarantino’s first draft would have done wonders, but I can see why it was cut. I also prefer Tarantino when he’s playing with structure so the A to Z plotting here always feels a bit underwhelming following on from Basterds. All nitpicks though. I’ve still seen this more times than I can count. I always find myself returning mainly for the entire Candyland segment culminating in the James Brown/2Pac shootout where revolver blasts sound like a blitzkrieg and bodies are destroyed with Verhoeven-levels of splashy gore. Damn that stuff gets me going. Love that evil glint in DiCaprio’s eye too and the way he wraps his tongue around the dialogue in that accent (“Hoo-ray Doctor, Hoo-ray!”) D-licious.

Watched on blu-ray

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