Okja (2017)

Bong Joon-ho’s steady sidestep into blockbuster filmmaking over the last decade without losing a single ounce of his skewed worldview or compromising an inch of his craft continues to absolutely knock my socks off. There are days, like when I first saw Memories of MurderThe HostSnowpiercer and now Okja, where I feel like declaring him my favourite filmmaker of all time. He’s certainly way, way up there.

His big pig movie is everything I wanted and more. The story, the characters, the overall fucking design…damn. It meshes the big with the little, the hard and the soft, the intimate and the spectacle with such care and craft. I laughed, I cried. That final shot! Even without knowing what the flying fuck Jake Gyllenhaal was doing, I flat-out ADORED it. My favourite movie of 2017??? Very likely.

Watched on Netflix

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