Snake Eyes (1998)

De Palma is on fire here taking yet another silly political thriller framework (ala Blow Out) and turning it into yet another A-grade aesthetic funhouse. The opening steadicam shot is just ridiculous (in the best sense of the word) and the Rashomon riffage is a lot of fun. POV shots, split diopters, split screens, you name it every signature De Palma trick is present and accounted for, just the way I like it. Let’s not skim over Nicolas Cage in that jacket* either or Carla Gugino blonde-bobbed as one of De Palma’s classic red blood-on-virgin snow femme fatale/heroines. I have such a crush on her. Anyway, I’ve seen this movie so many times now I’ve lost count. If anyone knows how to pack out 90 minutes with highwire entertainment, it’s Brian De Palma.

*weird how in the 90s Cage worked with two of the best directors ever (Lynch, De Palma) and also wore two of the greatest jackets in film history in the process.

Watched on blu-ray

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