The Childhood of a Leader (2017)

Probably the most unexpected feature film from an actor turned writer/director since…By the Sea? When Brady Corbet (pronounced Cor-bay, pretentiously) announced he was transitioning into directing, I doubt anyone expected this. While being a simplistic and relatively routine document of a future-tyrant’s childhood (it’s the parents’ fault!), the film really soars in its aesthetics. That Gordon Willis-esque photography and Scott Walker’s screeching strings are just glorious to bathe in. The roaming camera that seems to freewheel from rigid compositions to improvisatory digressions reminded me of recent PTA which is one hell of a compliment. A movie that feels hella cinematic in a way so few films of late manage. God bless Bérénice Bejo (aka the best thing The Artist gave us) and Stacy Martin too.

Watched on blu-ray

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