House IV (1992)

Man this was boring. William Katt returns as his character from the first House in a glorified cameo for no reason whatsover. It’s such a dead and stagnant movie that never really gets going. It feels more like a showreel of early 90s, low budget practical effects than an actual movie with like, characters, atmosphere and a story. There are dream sequences in here that are as lazily imagined as they are executed. There’s some weird shit though that earns it an extra star. Like a dwarf who has a machine which removes phlegm blockages from his throat, a scene with a singing pizza and a dog with a lampshade on its head. As daft and silly as those scenes are in isolation, they make the movie feel like a collection of strange episodes which feel like orphans from other films and genres. Just not a very engaging watch. I’m not surprised this was the final nail in the pretty lackluster House franchise. I struggled to get through it.

Fun fact though: this was directed by Lewis Abernathy who plays Bill Paxton’s overweight, bearded and wisecracking sidekick in Titanic. I love that guy! It was also apparently shot in the same house where Wes Craven shot The People Under the Stairs. It just goes to show: a good house doesn’t make a good movie.

Watched on Arrow blu-ray

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