28 Days Later… (2002)


Ferocious. Shot on pre-HD DV and all the better for it. Boyle goes for the jugular and tears it the fuck out. Even the third-act, which always felt disjointed and at odds with the other two on previous watches (though still effective in isolation, the “In the house/In a Heartbeat” sequence is an all timer), really clicked into place this time around. Boyle’s lack of respect/awareness for Romero and zombie conventions combined with Garland’s total respect for the two results in a film that is unbeholden to expectations and therefore free to scorch its own earth. Less a horror film and more an exercise in non-stop terror. Bleak, sharp in the tooth and oh so relentless. The drop of blood dripping into Brendan Gleason’s eyeball and the high-frame rate infected get me every time. FUCK ME UP, DANNY.

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