Trance (2013)


I can certainly understand why many find Trance underwhelming but there’s something about Danny Boyle’s presentation I find infectious. The audio/visual experience is far more interesting than the plot, characters and dialogue. Boyle has become increasingly haywire with every film he makes and everything here is pushed to extremes – pulsating, distorting and unwinding. It’s a film that tries to burrow deep into the audiences consciousness, using dream logic to justify every creative decision (locations, sound design, lenses, cutting) and is proudly billed as Boyle’s tribute to Nicolas Roeg. I like McAvoy’s desire to go dark and Boyle’s desire to pin a movie on a female protagonist for a change. The results are mixed, ofcourse, but at least the film works in its primary modes. When it’s violent, it’s violent and when it’s sexy, it’s sexy. Where else are you going to see McAvoy have a conversation with half of Vincent Cassell’s head? Also, probably, the best showcase of Rosario Dawson’s talents to date*. There are images in here I never forget.

*that’s not an allusion to Dawson’s nude scene but yes, damn, that too. McAvoy’s ass aint no slouch either.

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