Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989)


A pretty lacklustre threequel which lacks both the surprise of the first movie and the delight of the second by being little more than a retread. Shot back-to-back with Sleepaway Camp II it’s like the Back to the Future III of slasher movies. Die hard fans will like the returning ingredients – Springsteen’s Angela is always a joy to watch – while more casual moviegoers might feel that things are starting to run out of steam. Easily the most boring of the three but the worst crime it commits is being average. Angela is still kill-crazy and she sports a pretty rocking wig, but everything else just fades into the background or blurs with Unhappy Campers. I know there’s two more troublesome entries after this one but the strain felt here is making me rethink watching them. Cool subtitle though.

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