Some Kind of Hate (2015)


Some Kind Of Hate is a very unpleasant slice of VOD horror but it’s not without it’s merits. Essentially a very bloody anti-bullying ad the film cleverly combines vengeful ghost-story with more common psycho-slasher tropes in an attempt to say something fresh about teen violence. The setting, a reform school/rehab centre, is an imaginative setting and all the characters have something that makes them memorable at least. Yet the protagonist is one of those frustrating angsty emo types who has floppy black hair but is still pretty ripped under his metal-t-shirt. Nothing against that archetype but the actor playing him just isn’t to my taste at all. Talk about Blandville. I’m always more drawn to the actresses in these movies than I am the male performers as they usually get more screen-time and opportunities for emoting. True to form, the two people I remember most from my watch last night are Grace Phipps and Sierra McCormick. They don’t put in great work by any means but they are by far the strongest faces on screen. They’re also very pleasing to the eye (despite McCormick spending 90% of her screen-time as a rotting apparition) which often helps in this genre. But even the most beautiful actress can’t hold my attention if their acting and character are forgettable.

A lot of the execution is off too. The splatty violence never really registers as anything other than special-effect work and the logic and rules behind the ghost’s powers are frustratingly undercooked. The ideas are quite strong with some nifty visual motifs but the writing – dialogue, characterization, plot developments – are all too familiar and uninspiring to keep them front and center. The dour, depressing tone could also have used a bit of pep as the movie slowly descends into a blur of kill-scenes and desaturated digital cinematography. Turns out all the characters are assholes. Cheap attempts at revealing backstory for sympathy in the third act also don’t wash with me. By the end I was just happy for the credits to roll but even then there is a Marvel-esque sequel-tease dropped in. Bless. You wish, guys.

Unremarkable on the whole but there is a good movie in there somewhere which just about keeps it on the “average” shelf. Oh and goddamn Noah Segan is in it as well! I’m glad he’s keeping busy while Rian Johnson is off making Star Wars.

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