Matchstick Men (2003)


“Have you ever been dragged to the sidewalk and beaten until you PIIIISSSSSSEDDDDDD BLOOOOOOOODDD!?!?!”

Ridley in mega-underrated mode and probably his most re-watchable film by some margin. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve gone back to it. Such an entertaining and satisfying little flick that zips by with characters you really give a shit about. As a con-man film it’s not the most groundbreaking and certainly won’t have Mamet looking over his shoulder, however on a scene-by-scene basis it’s really delightful. Nage’s batshit bug-outs are utilized perfectly and it’s refreshing to see Scott team up with a lead who offsets his rigid formalism with genuine unpredictability. The same goes for Sam Rockwell, I could watch five movies following these characters. Also Dody Dorn’s editing is TOP SHELF and Zimmer’s score sounds nothing like Zimmer in the best possible way. Matchstick Men: one of those lovely little films that just works like gangbusters.

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