24 Hour Party People (2002)


“But my epitaph wiII be…that I…never, Iiterally nor metaphoricaIIy… soId out. I protected myseIf from ever having to have…the diIemma of having to seII out…by having nothing to seII out.” – Tony Wilson

A multi-format, multimedia, practically interactive and kaleidoscopic odyssey through everything Factory records stood for, fucked up and paved the way for. Addictive, absurd, entertaining and wholly brilliant. Even with Winterbottom, Dod Mantle and Cottrell Boyce at the reigns, nobody enforces their voice or style and simply let the faces, history and music speak for themselves. It feels at one with the art it’s documenting. A difficult film to get right but they did it. Print the legend, indeed.

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