The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue (1974)


This is a weird one: an Italian zombie movie set in the British Moors aka my back garden! Out of all the harebrained explanations for a zombie infection, the one in Living Dead at Manchester Morgue must be one of the most inventive: scientist farmers create a machine that is designed to fry the brains of insects with radiation to stop them eating their crops but (surprise, surprise) the machine ends up reanimating corpses! I love it. The more I think about this movie the more I realise how much is actually crammed into this thing. There’s all sorts going on: a girl trying to go cold turkey with her abusive husband in a little cottage, a hippie befriending a woman who has busted up his car. There’s even a nutty subplot with the local Police Sergeant being an uptight bigot who is prejudiced against any men with long-hair. The subplot lends the film an A+ pay-off too. Lots of splat. Lots of momentum. Also includes a throbbing electronic score! A real gem of the 70s schlock era that has a real USP: all the carnage unfolds on a quaint British village (not Manchester though).

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