Torso (1973)

A pretty run-of-the-mill 70s Euro-slasher flick when looked at with wide eyes but squint hard enough and there are some pretty innovative sequences here and there. There’s an almost wordless section near the end featuring the heroine trapped in a house with a load of bodies which is about as pure and cinematic the horror genre can be. The kill sequences are fun and rubbery with lots of splash and the guessing game of the killer’s identity is almost as silly as the killer’s ultimate reveal and motivations. These films have a cult following for a reason. Unless you’re a shameless fan who can happily watch a film like Torso over and over to find hidden depth, casual viewers who really need to work hard to find greatness in them might be baffled at their reputation. I sit somewhere in the middle. I can see where the joys of Torso come from but it’s not a film I’m going to obsess over as the years tick by. That being said, I know Martino is a favourite among giallo enthusiasts so I look forward to digging deeper into his work.

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